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Pass The Orange Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Pass the Orange hen party game may be simplistic to set-up, but playing the game is anything but! The aim of the game is to hold an orange under your chin and pass it along a line of your teammates—faster than the other team! For good old fashioned competitiveness, pass the orange is a good bet!

What You’ll Need

  • An orange per team
  • Plenty of space!

How to Play
  • Split your hen party into two even numbered groups.
  • Place each of your groups into separate lines parallel to each other.
  • Now give the hen at the front of the group an orange to tuck under her chin!
  • When the referee shouts ‘Go', the participant at the front of the group must pass the orange to the girl standing next to her! (You cannot use your arms or hands to pass the orange!)
  • Each girl must take possession of the orange under her neck and then attempt to pass on, until it reaches the end of the line!
  • The first team to successfully pass the orange from the start of the group to the end of the group is the winning team!

Top Tips
  • It is vital that there is a referee so that no cheating goes on. If any hen is caught cheating in anyway or drops the orange the orange must go to the start of the line and start over!
  • It is up to you to decide whether the winners will receive a prize or the losers get punished!
  • If you opted for the mean-spirited approach, check out our Hen Party Dares page to further your evil schemes!

Ultimately Pass the Orange is a perfect hen party game to get your girls working as a team!

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