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Pass The Balloon Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Pass the Balloon hen party game is an entertaining activity that will get all the ladies up on their feet! Teams will battle it out to find out who will be declared ‘pass the balloon’ champions! The aim of the game is to pass the balloon up the line of teammates by flapping a newspaper to propel it forwards! In order to win, teams will need to be singing from the same hymn sheet!

What You’ll Need

  • Balloons
  • Newspaper
  • The heart of a champion!

How to Play
  • Split your hen party up into at least two teams, with no more than 6 players on each team!
  • Now get each of your teams to organise into three separate lines.
  • Give the participant at the back of each line a balloon and newspaper each!
  • On ‘Go’, the participant must then put the balloon on the floor and flap the newspaper to make the balloon hit the next hen in their line!
  • Once the balloon hits the next hen in the line, they must then pass the newspaper by hand to the next hen—who then has to flap the paper, sending the balloon onto the next participant
  • This continues until the person at the front of the line has received both the balloon and the newspaper.
  • The line who gets the balloon to the front the fastest are the winners!
Top Tips
  • You must make sure that none of the hens touch the balloon directly with their hand or the newspaper. If any of the hens break that rule then the balloon must go right back to the start of the line again!
  • Play a best of 3 series and rearrange everyone’s order in the line so that everyone gets a chance to play!
‘Pass the balloon’ is a fun hen party game that can quickly get competitive! Try it and see for yourself!

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