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Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions

Why Play?

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions is a bit of x-rated and uncensored fun! The aim of the game is to ask the bride-to-be a series of naughty questions that they have already asked their partner! Her objective is to get the same answer as her significant other! This is one of the few hen party games where anything goes—so be as rude or risqué as you want!

What You’ll Need
  • The naughtiest Mr & Mrs Questions you can muster!
  • Check with the groom-to-be for the correct answers!

How to Play
  • After creating your list, you will ask the bride-to-be questions, one at a time!
  • Set a points tally for the bride-to-be to achieve (e.g. 15 out of 20)
  • If the answer the bride-to-be provides matches her partner’s answer, she gets a point!
  • If at the end of the game she has gained enough points, the bride-to-be will be declared the winner!
  • However, if she hasn't gained enough points by the end of the game, then the bride-to-be will be subjected to a forfeit or dare!

Naughty Mr & Mrs Question Suggestions
  1. What was the naughtiest thing you partner ever did at school?
  2. What is your partner’s favourite sexual position?
  3. What would he say your favourite sexual position is?
  4. Where was the riskiest place you and your partner had sex?
  5. How many dates did you go on before you slept with your partner?
  6. Where is your partner’s favourite place to have sex?
  7. Does your partner believe himself to be well-endowed?
  8. What would your partner like to dress you up as?
  9. What does your partner think you would like to dress him up as?
  10. If your partner could have a wild night of passion with any celebrity who would it be?
  11. If you were going to have a wild night of passion with any celebrity, who does your partner think it would be?
  12. Boobs or Bum?
  13. What is your partner’s best feature?
  14. What is the bride-to-be’s bra size?
  15. What would your partner’s forte in the bedroom be?
  16. Which of the two of you is most likely to have a homosexual encounter?
  17. Which of the two of you is the most sexually adventurous?
  18. If you and your partner were going to have a threesome; what male celebrity would he be ok with?
  19. If you and your partner were going to have a threesome; what female celebrity does he think would be ok with you?
  20. What is the naughtiest thing your partner has ever done? 

Top Tips
  • As these questions will leave the girls in stitches spectating, why not record the groom-to-be’s responses to the questions, so that the bride-to-be can see his red face as he answers!
  • In the spirit of unmannerly behaviour, why not punish the bride-to-be if she loses with Naughty Hen Party Dares! Check this link out for dares that she can do when you hit the town later!
  • Can't handle the heat? Follow the link to safety and check out other Mr & Mrs Questions!

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions is a hen party game that will leave your ladies struggling to breathe due to uncontrollable laughter!

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