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Mystery Present Hen Party Game

Why Play?

This is a really cute hen party game that will have your ladies in both floods of tears and bags of laughter! The idea of this game is for all the hens to buy a small gift for the bride-to-be that has some meaning behind it for example, something that links the hen and the bride, or something that the bride is associated with.

What You’ll Need

  • A thoughtful gift
  • A reason behind getting the gift

How to Play
  • This game requires planning in advance! All hens must be informed prior to playing the game so that they are given the time to pick out a great gift for the bride-to-be.
  • All presents should be wrapped in such a way that no one can tell who they are from!
  • Leave the gifts in a pile and have the bride-to-be select them one by one.
  • Once she has opened a gift, the bride-to-be will first attempt to guess who it is from!
  • Secondly, before the group reveal who it was, she will elaborate on why she thinks that person bought her the gift!

Top Tips
  • Set a spending limit! Set a budget for a fair game and ensure that no one is pressured into breaking the bank!
  • Use the same wrapping paper for the presents so that no one has any idea who the present came from!
  • To make the occasion worthwhile regardless of whether the bride-to-be guessed correctly or not—have the person who got her the gift explain what it symbolises or means to them! (queue the cuteness!)

Play this Mystery Present Hen Party Game and show just how much your soon to be wed-friend means to you! All the lovely, meaningful gifts will serve as a compassionate memento so that the bride-to-be will always remember her hen party and the people she spent it with!

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