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Mr and Mrs Quiz

Why Play?

Mr and Mrs Quiz is the ultimate round of Mr & Mrs Questions—this one is for self-assured brides-to-be that are convinced they know their partner inside-out!

The aim of Mr and Mrs Quiz is to ultimately test the knowledge of the bride-to-be to see how much she actually knows about her future husband! These questions can come from a range of topics, so get creative!

What You’ll Need
  • A wide range of Mr and Mrs Questions
  • Consult the groom-to-be for the correct answers!

How to Play
  • The main trick to making Mr and Mrs Quiz a success is to create a list of questions that the bride-to-be will find difficult to answer!
  • The more obscure the questions, the greater the stakes! Punishments in the form of drinking rules will be enforced for every answer the bride-to-be gets wrong!
  • To make things more exciting (and seeing as her ladies came up with the questions), for every question the bride-to-be gets right, everyone in the group must take a drink instead!
  • With that said, we will reiterate; be sure to ask tough questions! Otherwise there will be a lot more than just one sore head in the morning!

Top Tips
  • For added drama, record the bride-to-be answering the questions in order to show the groom-to-be after!

To get you started here is a selection of fun Mr and Mrs Questions topics:

Food and Drink Mr and Mrs Questions

Dating Mr and Mrs Questions

Paddle Round Mr and Mrs Questions

Wedding Mr and Mrs Questions

Childhood Mr and Mrs Questions

Personal Mr and Mrs Questions

What If Mr and Mrs Questions

Favourite Mr and Mrs Questions

The variety of questions to include in this hen party game are endless! So try Mr and Mrs Quiz and see if the bride-to-be is as sure of her man as she says she is!

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