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Memory Lane Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Memory Lane hen party game is the perfect icebreaker that comes at the bride-to-be’s expense!

The idea of this game is for guests to anonymously write down their recollection of when they first met the bride-to-be! The bride-to-be has to then guess who owns that memory! Lets hope she has a good memory - because if not, she is likley not remember her own hen night!

What You’ll Need

  • Pens and A4 paper
  • Your memories!

How to Play
  • To play the game, ask all of the hens to write down on a sheet of paper when and how they first met the bride-to-be!
  • During the hen party, place all of the memories from each hen into a hat and get the bride to pull out each memory one by one.

Now for the fun part…
  • The bride will now read out each memory and try to match it to the correct hen!
  • For every wrong answer, the bride-to-be and the person she thought the memory belonged to, must take a drink or do a shot!

Top Tips
  • These memories can vary from funny or sentimental, to blatantly embarrassing!
  • If drinking rules aren’t your thing, a number of different forfeits or dares can be introduced to punish the bride for any incorrect matches! Check out our Hen Party Dares page for ideas!

Take a trip down memory lane with this fun hen party game and share the memories of your first encounter with the bride-to-be!

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