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Kings Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Kings, also called the ‘Circle of Death’ (for good reason!) is the perfect hen party game! It is easy to play and can be an excellent way to get your group in the mood for some serious partying!

What You’ll Need
  • A deck of cards
  • Alcohol!

How to Play
  • Select a player to shuffle the deck of cards and place them face down in a rough circle around an empty pint glass.
  • Pick someone to begin by picking up a card and showing it to the group!
  • Each card represents a task that the individual hen or the group must complete before the next hen can take her turn!

The rules for each card in the deck are as follows:
  • Card number 2 = ‘Make a Rule’ (The person who picks this card creates their own rule! For example; you can make it so that every time you have to take a drink, your poor friend ‘Hannah’ has to drink with you!).
  • Card number 3 = ‘Rotation’ (Change the direction of which the game is being played)
  • Card number 4 = ‘Snake Eyes’ (When this card is picked, the hen who chose it is known as ‘snake eyes’ and when they make eye contact with anyone else in the group, that hen must drink!)
  • Card number 5 = ‘Five fingers’ (Whoever chooses this card must drink five fingers of their drink)
  • Card number 6 = ‘Categories’ (Pick a category like famous male singers and go round in a circle. Every hen girl must give a correct answer in turn or they have to take a drink)
  • Card number 7 = ‘Seventh heaven’ (All players have to point towards the ceiling. The last hen to realise what they have to do has to take a drink)
  • Card number 8 = ‘Waterfall’ (The hen who picks this card starts drinking and everyone follows in turn. No hen can stop drinking until the hen that started drinking before them stops)
  • Card number 9 = ‘Busta Ryhme’ (The hen player who chooses this card says a line like ‘This hen party game is the best’ and the next hen has to say something that rhymes with that and so on. Any hen who can’t think of a rhyming line has to take a drink)
  • Card number 10 = ‘It’s all me me me!’ (The poor hen who picks this card must take a drink)
  • Jack = ‘Jackass’ (The unlucky hen who chooses this card must take a drink when anyone else drinks until someone draws another suit of Jack)
  • Queen = ‘Chugger’ (The hen who gets this must down their entire drink)
  • King = ‘The drink of shame’ (When a king is picked that hen player must pour some of her drink into the pint glass in the middle of the circle of cards. The unfortunate hen who picks the last king must then down the entire pint glass!)
  • Ace = 'Touch your face' (The last person to touch their face has to down their entire drink!) 

Top Tips
  • Card suits are unimportant in this game, you are playing purely on the content of the card, whether it is a number or a royal card!
  • 'Kings' is perfect for pre-drinks before the big hen night on the town! 

Kings hen party game is a favourite for hen parties and one you should definitley try out! Let's hope that their aren’t too many sore heads in the morning!

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