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Jenga Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Jenga? A hen party game? But its for children—I hear you exclaim! However, with the addition of alcoholic beverages, Jenga becomes so much more than a children’s game! the aim of this alcohol-infused version of Jenga is to write drinking rules on the individual blocks, so that when a block is removed, the player must do the drinking rule that is specified on the block!

What You’ll Need

  • Jenga blocks
  • Ink pens or markers

This game takes a bit of preparation and time, but it will be worth it in the end—we promise!
  • On each Jenga block, write down a drink or a dare and stack the Jenga up in a tower! The drinks or dares can be as random as you want them to be!

How to Play

Just encase you were robbed of a childhood, here are the rules for Jenga—with some adult additions!
  • Players must take it in turns to remove Jenga blocks for the tower—attempting to keep the structural integrity of the tower intact!
  • With each removed block, that participant must conduct the drinking rule or dare that the block specifies!
  • The game continues until the tower eventually collapses!

Top Tips
  • With alcohol often clouding a person’s judgement, the tower will topple sooner rather than later! So why not keep the game going with an added spice to the game? Make whoever causes the tower to collapse to down their drink, or complete the ultimate dare or forfeit!
  • For inspiration on drinking forfeits and dares, consult our Hen Party Dares page!

Jenga hen party game is a classic that will add suspense and laughter to the celebrations!

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