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I've Never Hen Party Game

Why Play?

I’ve Never hen party game is a great way of getting the ladies in the celebratory mood! This is for all intents and purposes: a drinking game! A player will say out to the group something that they have never done, and anyone in the group who in fact has done that thing, must take a drink!

What You’ll Need

  • Start off by ensuring all the hens have their glasses topped up, we'll leave the content and measures up to you!

How to Play
  • Get all the ladies into a circle so that they can see everyone’s reactions!
  • Every hen in the party must now take their turn to admit something they’ve never done.
  • If anyone in the group has done it, they get to take a drink! The more shocking, the better!
  • Topics can range from the innocent to down right filthy—think of topics discussed at an Ann Summers Party and you'll get the idea!
  • The more rounds, the potentially drunker each participant will get!
  • The person that has drank the most by the end is the "I've Never" winner!

Top Tips
  • So ladies it's now only a matter of deciding who goes first! We'll start you off by saying "I've never kissed in public". Every hen in the group that has kissed in public must now take a drink or shot!!

I’ve Never is a game essential for a hen party as it makes for a few embarrassed faces and resounding laughter!

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