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Hats Off Hen Party Game

The beauty about these types of hen party games is that they can be played at any time of the day and anywhere, whether that be on a hen party bus, hotel room, restaurant or bar!

Hen Party Game Rules

Each member of the hen party has to wear a hat at the same time. Paper hats will do just fine!

The chief hen can then choose when ever she so wishes to remove her hat, although her aim is to do it without anyone noticing. When any other member of the hen party notices that the chief hen has removed her hat she then too must remove her hat and do so inconspicuously too.

As time goes on with the conversations and banter continuing hens will gradually notice and start to remove their hats. The hen who hasn't been paying attention and most likely been clucking away with the rest of the hens to notice and the only one left with her hat on is the loser!

The losing hen will obviously have to complete an appropriate forfeit which will obviously be decided by the rest of the hen party, whether that be a punishment drink or even an embarrassing act or dare, the choice is yours!

Just to give the loser a chance in the next game it might be an idea to get all the hens to put their hats back on again and let her start the next game.


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