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Hamburger Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Hamburger Hen Party Game is the perfect icebreaker! The objective of this game is to look at the hamburger ingredient on the backs of your teammates, and without conferring—organise yourselves before the other team! Which team at your hen party will be most in-sync!

What You’ll Need

  • Post-it notes
  • Some sticky tape
  • A pen to write hamburger ingredients on the post-it notes

How to Play
  • Stick a post-it note containing a hamburger ingredient to the back of each girl in your hen party!
  • Split the group into two teams consisting of each hamburger ingredient.
  • When everyone has an ingredient taped to their back, they must work together with their team to arrange themselves in the correct order that a hamburger would be made.
  • Without speaking or telling another teammate what they have on their back, the team must sort themselves into order using purely hand gestures and expressions.
  • The first team to sort themselves into order will be declared the winner!
  • However, if a team finishes and the order of ingredients are incorrect, then the other team wins!

Top Tips

Here are the ingredients for a hamburger in order:
  1. Bottom Bap
  2. Beef
  3. Lettuce
  4. Cheese
  5. Ketchup
  6. Top Bap
  • Make it competitive by racing to see who can make the perfect hamburger first!
  • Make the losing team do a dare or take a shot!
  • We would strongly advise constructing your hamburger horizontally! Stacking or Cross-hatching your hens on top of each other could lead to someone getting seriously hurt, and we cannot be having that!

Try ‘Hamburger’ hen party game and get all the girls mingling!

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