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Guess The Fiancé Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Guess the Fiancé hen party games are sure to put your knowledge to the test! The aim of the game is to guess what engaged celebrity is stuck to your forehead, by asking your friends questions that can only be yes/no answers! Let’s see how well you and your ladies know your celebrity couples!

What You’ll Need
  • Before carrying out the Guess the Fiancé hen party game, research which engaged celebrity couples are worth using in this game!
  • Once you have found your ideal celebrities, write their names down and place them in a bowl!

How to Play
  • Assemble your hens in a circle and let each of them pick a piece of paper from the bowl. Without looking, they will stick the piece of paper on their head so everyone can see the celebrity’s name!
  • Each hen will take turns asking questions about their celebrity fiancé. These questions must only be answered by saying yes or no—making it all the tougher!
  • If the answer is yes, then that person is allowed to ask follow-up questions regarding their celebrity fiancé.
  • If the answer is no, then the game moves onto the next competitor!
  • Once you feel you have enough information on your celebrity, you can guess their name! But be warned—for every wrong assumption, there will be punishments!
  • Whoever is first to name their celebrity correctly is the winner!

Top Tips
  • Write down either the man or the woman’s name that is in the relationship, not both! (you don’t want to make the game too hard!)
  • However, after a person has guessed correctly who their celebrity fiancé is, have them answer who is their celebrity partner for a bonus prize!
  • Enforce drinking rules or dares! For every time a competitor guesses their celebrity fiancé incorrectly, make them do a shot! For more dare suggestions, check out our Hen Party Dares page!

Guess the Fiancé hen party game is right up your street if you are looking for some lighthearted fun for you and your nearest and dearest!

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