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Guess The Bottom Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Guess the Bottom is a lighthearted game for you and the ladies to get into the party spirit! The aim of the game is for the bride-to-be to put a face to an ass! Take a butt-selfie and put it anonymously on the wall! Let’s see if the Bride-to-be knows you like the back of her bum!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 pic of your bottom

How to Play

  • For Guess the Bottom hen party game, all the ladies must take a bottom selfie before the hen party has commenced!
  • Once this has been completed, the bottom selfies must then be printed out and ready for the hen weekend!
  • They will anonymously pinned to the wall and numbered.
  • The bride-to-be must then guess which bottom belongs to which of her hens! (Queue the giggling!)

Top Tips
  • Set a target number of posteriors that the bride-to-be must get correct in order to win a prize!
  • For each bottom selfie the bride to be gets wrong, she must carry out a punishment or dare suggested by her hens! Can’t think of any ideas? Check out our Hen Party Dares page for suggestions! 

Buck society by turning the other cheek (literally!) with a game that will bring the girls closer together than socially permitted! Guess the Bottom is the perfect game for a truly bum-bastic hen party!

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