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Guess The Baby Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Guess the Baby Hen Party Game is extremely amusing and sweetly sentimental! The aim of the game is for the girls to put a name to a baby-face! Everyone will bring with them a baby picture that will be put up on display anonymously! They can be as cute or as embarrassing as you want them to be—don’t hold back on the chubby-cheeks pics!

What You’ll Need
  • All members of the hen party must bring a baby picture of themselves without other members of the party seeing it!

How to Play

  • Once that is sorted, the baby pictures must be stuck up on the wall with blu tack. It would also be essential if the baby pictures were numbered so it makes the hen party game easier for the hens and keeps the game flowing in the right direction!
  • All the ladies must then write down who they think the cute baby picture belongs to on a piece of paper along with the number each picture is assigned to.
  • The game will be monitored and timed by a referee to make sure there are no cheeky hens!
  • At the end of the hen party game, the sheets will be marked and the hen with the most marks will win a prize! 

Top Tips
  • Give the winner a worthy prize like a bottle of Prosecco or a box of chocolates!

Guess the Baby hen party game brings a mixture of fun and sentimental value to the occasion, as the ladies reminisce over fond childhood memories with these adorable baby photos—tissues at the ready!

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