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Famous Names Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Famous Names Hen Party Game is a firm favourite that will keep the girls’ focused! Get your girls into a circle and pick one girl to start one of the most enjoyable games around. Can you think of enough famous names to stay in the game?

What You’ll Need
  • Your brain switched on!

How to Play
  • Organise your group into a circle.
  • The first participant has to pick a famous person’s name, such as 'Brad Pitt'.
  • The next person in the circle then has to think of a famous person’s 'surname' beginning with the same letter as the famous person’s first name!
  • As Brad Pitt's first name begins with ‘B’, the person must think of a famous surname that begins with that letter! (e.g ‘Jessica Biel’).
  • As the previous player picked a surname, the next person in the circle must choose a famous person’s ‘first name' beginning with B.
  • Each hen is only allowed 5 seconds to think of a famous person’s name beginning with the required 'letter' or they will get put out of the game!
  • The last girl left is the winner of 'Famous Names' hen party game!

Top Tips

The game will be played in the following order:
  • Person 1) Famous Surname
  • Person 2) Famous First-name
  • Person 3) Famous Surname
  • Person 4) Famous First-name 
And so on!

Alternatively, if you’re not too competitive—you can enforce drinking rules instead of eliminating contestants! Have them take a drink for every time they cant think of a famous person’s name!

Give ‘Famous names’ a go during your hen party and see which of your friends have their heads screwed on!

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