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Embarrassing Photo Contest Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Embarrassing Photo Contest Hen Party Game is the perfect icebreaker to get all the ladies laughing out loud! Reminisce over old embarrassing photos and share some fond memories of the bride-to-be!

What You’ll need
  • The most embarrassing photo of the bride-to-be that you’re willing to share with the group!

How to Play

  • Bring you embarrassing photos and share them with the group!
  • These images will then be pinned to a display wall for the whole hen party to see and for the bride to cringe!
  • The bride to be must then guess who brought the embarrassing photo and give a reason why!
  • A point is given for both guessing the person who came with the photo, and another point for why they chose it!

Top Tips

  • Set a targeted number of points that the bride-to-be must get in order to win the game!
  • Make things more interesting with some drinking rules and dares! If the bride-to-be fails to make her points target, make her down a shot or do a dare! For inspiration, check out our Hen Party Dares page!
Embarrassing Photo Contest hen party game is the perfect icebreaker that also brings sentimental value to the party!

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