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Charades Meets Chinese Whispers Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Charades meets Chinese Whispers Hen Party Game will cause side-splitting laughter! The aim of the game is to play charades as a team! Members of the group must act out day-to-day activities to members of their team without speaking—which makes for some hilarious charades and even more ridiculous answers!

What You’ll Need
  • Make a list of around 20 different day to day activities, whether that be getting the bus to work or even making your dinner, the more creative the better!

How to Play
  • Split the entire hen party into two separate groups (naming each group ‘A’ and ‘B’).
  • For the first game, everyone in group ‘A’ should leave the room apart from one person.
  • This one person should be made aware of the first day-to-day activity which they are going to act out in front of everyone in group ‘B’.
  • After 30 seconds of acting out the charade, the next hen member of group ‘A’ is invited into the room.
  • The first hen member must then act out the charade to the second member within 30 seconds!
  • When 30 seconds is up, the third member must come into the room and try to understand the charade by the second member.
  • This process continues until all hens in group ‘B’ have acted out the charade which they understand from the previous member.
  • The last person in group ‘B’ then has to make a guess as to what the charade was!
  • Once group ‘A’ of the hen party have finished then it is the hens in group B’s turn to make fools of themselves!

Top Tips
  • You will need to do a small bit of preparation for these types of hen party games.
  • The trick is to try and not let the charade get lost in translation! Try and get the right answer passed from team mate to team mate without getting it wrong!
Charades meets Chinese Whispers is a great team building exercise that whilst causing confusion, provokes belly-aching laughter!

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