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Candyman Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Candyman hen party game is both innocent and fun, getting everyone involved! The aim is to hit the town and have every piece of the necklace eaten off by a stranger! Not everyone will appreciate games that involve drinking shots, so this game is a great alternative and may even bring back a few childhood memories!

What You’ll Need
  • Sweet necklace for every participant
  • Your natural charm

How to Play

  • Head to the sweetie store and pick up a candy necklace for every hen in the group.
  • Each person is then given their own candy necklace to wear.
  • On your night out, try to get men to eat the candy off your necklace!
  • The man eating the necklace must put his hands behind his back (yes ladies he will need to pay plenty of attention to your neck)!
  • Only one piece of candy per guy (one candy piece = more guys)

Top Tips
  • Single hens will of course have extra incentive to win this game as they might also earn a cheeky kiss!

Who thought a candy necklace could be so much fun? Thanks to our fellow bachelorette's in the USA for coming up with this easy but fun hen party game.

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