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Big Dangly Oranges Hen Party Game

Why Play?

‘Big Dangly Oranges’ is one of the funniest hen party games going! If there is one certainty in this world, it is that girls suffer from penis envy! But do not despair! This game gives you the chance that biology couldn’t grant you! You and your besties will make a dangly penis in order to win a race!

What You’ll Need

  • Two oranges each
  • A pair of tights

How to Play

  • Place the orange at the bottom of one of the tights legs.
  • Let that leg hang down from your waist, and tie the remaining leg of the tights around your waist
  • The leg with the orange should hang down in between your own legs—as if it were a tail, but on the front. (You get the idea!)
  • Set up a finish line of some sort, using tape or string.
  • Set the other orange down on the floor in front of you.
  • You and a competitor will attempt to move the orange that has been set in front of you, using only the orange in your tights! Yes, you must swing your hips and put on all your might into connecting with the orange—knocking it as far forward as you can!
  • First competitor to get their orange over the line is the winner! 

Top Tips
  • Have the course about 10 metres long! (Any longer and you’ll be there all night!)
  • No cheating! If someone moves the orange using something other than the orange in their tights, then they must go right back to the start.
  • You could also add incentives not to cheat by punishing cheating with hen party dares of drinking rules! Cheaters will be greeted with a shot on their way back to the start!
‘Big Dangly Oranges’ is a hilarious hen party game that will leave you and your friends in stitches! It’s super easy to play and will entertain all!

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