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Banned Words Hen Party Game

Why Play?

The hen party game "Banned Words" like the name suggests is all about banning words! This game is perfect for nights out and offers a great chance for the hens to try and catch each other out!

What You’ll Need

  • Just your mental faculties!

How to Play
  • Simply pick a selection of words that no one in the group is allowed to say throughout either the hen night or even the entire hen weekend.
  • Any girl that utters any of the banned words is punished on the spot with either a penalty hen party dare or drink!

Banned words suggestions
  • Hi
  • Between
  • What
  • Hen
  • Because
  • Drink

Top Tips

  • Commonly used words are always a winner as girls across the hen night are guaranteed to get caught out!
  • We recommend that the punishments are easy to do and not too over the top! Don’t make the girls do shots! (e.g. saying the word ‘because’ is an easy mistake—and single shots add up!)
  • Instead, have them drink two fingers worth of their drinks—keeping the ladies jolly whilst also keeping things under control!
  • Use the common expression, "think before you speak” as your guide!
  • Incase you'd rather this game was more hen party or wedding orientated, do not fret! Our Don't Say a Word Hen Party Game is just that!

Banned Words Hen Party Game is the perfect way to entertain your ladies! Play it on your hen night and enjoy the inside joke that you are partying with a limited vocabulary!

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