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Balloon Volleyball Hen Party Game

Why Play?

‘Balloon Volleyball’ is a lighthearted active hen party game that gets all the girls moving! Your objective is to work as a team to keep the balloon in the air, whilst trying to force the other team into dropping it! This game is light-hearted due to using a balloon, so nobody has to over exert themselves or get hurt!

What You’ll Need

  • Packet of balloons
  • 12 feet of string and a large bed sheet (in lieu of a tennis or badminton net).

How to Play
  • Set up your net! If in the event you don’t have a net, use string and a bed sheet (pull the string tight and drape the sheet over it)
  • Divide your group into two separate teams.
  • Inflate a balloon, then proceed to have a game of volleyball using said inflated balloon.
  • You win a point when the balloon hits the ground on the opponent’s side of the net.
  • A player can only make contact with the balloon once at a time! Passing between teammates is fine—remembering that you can only touch the balloon once!

Top Tips
  • We highly recommend that you play this hen party game in a large open space either indoors or outdoors!
  • To make this game even more interesting, why not fill the balloon with shaving foam?! In the event that the balloon should burst, that unlucky hen will be foamed!
  • Additionally, how about raising the stakes by wearing acrylic nails—the balloon then becomes a ticking time-bomb!

'Balloon Volleyball' is an active game that will have your girls giddy and working as a team! 

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