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Balloon Question Time Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Balloon question time is a super fun hen party game and a great way to make the celebrations all the more interesting! Put the bride-to-be on the spot with a mixture of silly and embarrassing questions!

What You'll Need

  • Balloons (and lots of them!)
  • Posted notes or tear up pieces of an A4 page

How to Play

This game is simple but effective! Ask the bride-to-be a questioon you have always wanted answered without her knowing it came from you!
  • Get each member of the hen party to write down a question on a piece of paper and place it into separate balloons!
  • Inflate balloons with the question inside, mix the balloons up and have the Bride-to-be read the question out to the group!
  • After she has read the question, the bride must answer the question! If she does not answer, she must then carry out a forfeit left to the guests discretion!

Question Suggestions
  • Your worst habit
  • Fiancé’s worst habit
  • Most embarrassing moment in public
  • Childhood celebrity crush
  • Biggest pet peeve
  • Silliest phobia
  • Greatest night out
  • Worst wardrobe malfunction

Forfeit Suggestions
  • Down a drink
  • Call fiancé’s parents and put on loudspeaker!
  • Do the plank for a minute
  • The bride-to-be will be dubbed an unflattering nickname for the remainder of the night (any time she or any other guests use her real name, they must down their drink!)

Top Tips
  • Tailor your questions from sweet to naughty, and try to keep things cheerful! Only ask questions that you would answer if asked! Don’t get too personal! Make sure that Balloon question time is as light-hearted as possible! That being said, a little bit of embarrassment in the spirit of good fun is what it’s all about, so don’t make the questions too easy to answer either!
  • If you would rather the gloves came off so you could ask the bride-to-be the hard questions, check out our Pop the Question Hen Party Game for the hardcore version!

This game will insure the girls are left in fits of laughter—essential for any hen party, Even when it comes at your own expense!

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