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Baby I Love You Hen Party Game

Why Play?

‘Baby I Love you’ is a simple but effective hen party game that serves as a great icebreaker! Your objective is to make everyone in the group! But when it’s not your turn—Bet you cant keep a straight face!

What You’ll Need

  • You don’t need any materials to play, just bring your “A” game!

How to Play
  • Sit together in a circle with your group
  • Select a person that will sit in the middle of the circle (a person can be selected in number of ways: Rock-paper-scissors, coin toss, automatic name generator online—just Google it!).
  • Once a participant has been determined, that unlucky lady has the challenging task of making every member of the hen party laugh!
  • In order to make every person laugh individually, the participant must select someone at random and ask them in the funniest way possible,"Baby I Love You, why don’t you give me a big smile?”
  • The person asked this question must then respond with a straight face saying, “Baby I do love you but I just can't smile!”
  • If anyone smiles, they are knocked out and could be subjected to a dares or forfeit!
  • The stony-faced hen who maintains their composure is then declared the winner!

Top Tips
Have the winner awarded a mock award for their phenomenal acting performance! In terms of the losers, how bout a wager to make things more interesting? Make the price for elimination from the game a drink or shot!

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