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Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing Hen Party Film

Drama, Romance

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach, Kelly Bishop, Jane Bruker, Cynthia Rhodes, Jack Weston and Max Contor.

Chick Flick Movies:

This hen chick flick is set at Kellerman’s Holiday Resort in the Catshill Mountains where a seventeen year old New Yorker, Frances Houseman (Jennifer Grey), nicknamed ‘Baby’ is on holidays with her family. One night she stumbles upon a staff party where they’re practicing some ‘dirty dancing’. She develops a crush on one of the dance instructors, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). Baby discovers that Johnny’s dance partner for the end of season dance show is pregnant and he needs a replacement.

The plot thickens when she reluctantly agrees to be his dance partner and they meet regularly to practice. Emotions fly high as your hens watch to see the barriers that Johnny and Baby overcome, not only to dance together but to be together. Will it be a fairytale ending? This could be the perfect film for your hen party girls to watch and get in the mood for some romantic dancing with potentials beaus on the big hen night celebration out on the town!

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