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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher Hen Party Film

Romance, Comedy


Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake


Let the hen party commence with this laugh out loud romantic comedy! Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is forced to go back to teaching and earn a living for herself after her very wealthy fiancé breaks up with her after realising she's only with him for his money. However, Elizabeth is a terrible teacher and a bad influence on her class. Elizabeth also has a desperate desire to get breast implants but can’t afford them from just teaching a class.

But things start to look up for Elizabeth as she meets Scott (Justin Timberlake), a handsome co-worker at the school, who is of course rich! The only downside is that Scott is into Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), another co-worker at the school.This means war between Elizabeth and Amy and things get ugly as the two compete against each other! Will Elizabeth win Scott over and get her longed for breast implants? You and your ladies won’t be able to control your giggling in this hilarious hen party film! So get ready and let Cameron Diaz show you ladies how to be the ultimate diva!

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