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Drinking Hen Party Dares

A Fire Shot

Now this is a dare which should certainly create a bit of an atmosphere, and most likely a sequence of events that will forever be remembered! It surely aint one for the faint hearted, and we would even say approach it with care!


1. Only those hens who wish to participate in this one should take part. Dont force anyone to participate.

2. For such a crazy dare there must be a reward, rather than simply having the accolade of being the hen with the strongest stomach! So every hen must put a £1 into the pot for the winner to take as a reward.

3. The participating hens must sit round a table with one hand behind their back.

4. The participating hens must then down a shot made up of half Tequila and half tabasco sauce.

5. A hen can drop out at any time. If there are still particpants willing to take a second then they must do so.

6. No other drinks or water are permitted during the game. If anyone is vomits then they are expelled.

7. The last hen standing is the winner and takes the pot!

8. Any hens out there crazy to do this please video it and send it in for a special prize!

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