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Top 5 Things to Pack for a Getaway With the Girls


Blogger Laura uncover’s her top five items that every girl should pack for the ultimate girly getaway!

Foldable Flats

Whether it is a sightseeing trip to uncover a new city or a stay in a local spa resort, by the end of day one your feet are sure to need a break from those killer heels! Check out brands such as Redfoot or Tipsy Feet who offer foldable flats, which are as gorgeous as a pair of ballerina pumps.

Foldable flats take up so little room in your handbag and can be whipped out at any given moment to give your feet a break. Perfect for that walk home from the bar after one or two cosmopolitans! 

Pressed Powder

During the day’s activities you may not have time to touch up your makeup in the comfort of your guest room. Pressed powder is the perfect solution as you can sneak it in your bag/pocket and use it on the go to stop shine and make your foundation look fresh all day long!

A translucent shade will suit all skin tones, or match it to your foundation for better coverage. Apply with a powder brush or just use the little applicator that will be included for handiness. Different brands will have different types so there is something for everyone with this miracle product.

Makeup Wipes

Another easy solution to stop your makeup looking like it’s sliding off your face is makeup wipes! Tidy up smudged eyeliner or lipstick, give your skin a refreshing wipe or use to quickly clean off foundation if you are reapplying. Pick up the travel pack version which is handbag-friendly! 

Nowadays there are wipes for sensitive skin, oily skin and everything in between, so again there is something for everyone. An added bonus is that as they are not technically a liquid they don’t have to be crammed into a plastic bag at airport security.

Use in place of a liquid cleanser as a quick way to remove makeup at the end of the day and optimise that all important space in your hand luggage for perfume, nail varnish and everything else you need to make sure you look fabulous at all times during the hen party or girly getaway! 

Polaroid Camera or Selfie Stick 

Polaroid cameras have shot up in popularity recently due to their retro vibe! While selfie sticks seem to be poping up everywhere also! Why not bring either along to make sure you capture all the best moments of the trip. Why not select the best pictures and present them to the bride-to-be in a cute photo book?

Now the bride-to-be can never forget all of the amazing memories she had on her last getaway as a single woman. Remeber however - what happens on a hen do, stays on a hen do!


Whilst you may not have much downtime on a jam packed trip away, there is always the possibility of a snoring roommate. Pack a pair of Bose or Dr Dre headphones to plug into your iPod just in case! After all, you need your beauty sleep to look good in those selfie photos! Plus, listening to your favourite sounds is
 sure to make the journey home a whole lot more enjoyable and easier!

So there you have it ladies, my top 5 x tips on packing for a hen weekend or girly getaway! In my next blog I reveal how to do London in two days!
Laura Sproule

Laura is a Radio diva! She loves music, travel and all things media!

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