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Planning A Hen Party For The Very First Time


How to Hen it up! A first time bridesmaid’s guide...

It’s a real life fairy tale, watching your best friend fall in love, get engaged and start to plan a wedding. You’re honoured to be asked to be bridesmaid, but as the excitement sets in there may also be a few nerves concerning planning the perfect Hen Party for the bride-to-be! Read on for our top do's and don’ts to help you out with the most important task for any bridesmaid.

DO think of her preferences over your own.

When planning a hen party it is often easy to get carried away making sure every last detail is perfect in your eyes. Just remember to keep in mind the Bride’s sense of style and fun and everything will go smoothly.

DO plan ahead

It is tempting amongst all the other bridesmaid duties to neglect the party planning. After all it is months away. But doing simple things like Save the Dates and generating ideas about budget and location early on leaves more time for working out the finer details nearer to the time!

DON’T panic

Food, music, themes, location, activities, presents, guest list, drinks, transport etc. – it can seem like a lot to organise. The important thing is not to panic. Delegate tasks to other bridesmaids and ask for help when needed. Make lists and time frames and make sure to get everything done when you say you will.

DON’T forget to invite her other friends

The guest list is perhaps one of the easier tasks, but don’t forget to invite friends that are not in your immediate circle! Ask a member of family and check Facebook for the names of extended family, work colleagues and neighbours that your bride is friends with and will want there to share the night with.

DO something out of the ordinary

Whilst the old dress up and drink up is indeed a lot of fun, you have probably done this many times before as a group. Why not consider something a little different that will allow the whole group to bond and leave your bride with some amazing memories. Think activity weekends, pottery classes, vintage themed parties, something new that few will have done before and everyone will love!

DO think about going in together for the gift

Chip in together and even think about making something to create a really personal amazing gift. Collages are a great way to remind the bride-to-be of all the amazing times she had with friends as she enters this new stage in her life. Homemaking gifts will also come in handy as she prepares for the big day!
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