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How To Plan A Hen Party - 1st Timers Guide


First Timers Guide to Planning a Hen Party!

For a first timer, the idea of planning a whole hen party can be very daunting indeed! Between deciding on who to invite, where to hold it, which activities to choose, whether to have a theme...it can be very overwhelming!

Even for those experienced in the field of pre-wedding celebrations, it can all be a lot to process. But never fear, this brief guide to the who, what, where and when of planning the perfect hen party will hopefully help every frazzled or frightened lady looking to host theirs in 2016!


One of the most difficult parts of planning a hen party can be whittling down the list of invitees. Trying to decide between a night out with your besties or a spa day with your family can be a big issue, especially as you don’t want to leave anybody offended or upset! A good solution can be to divide your hen party in two, letting you suit everyone involved! If invitations are proving to be a real bump in the road when planning your hen do, check out more tips and advice on how to perfect your guestlist on the Hen or Stag blog here: Who To Invite To Your Hen Party


Deciding on activities and themes for your hen party is probably the most important task of all – your day won’t go down very well with anyone if you sit around doing nothing! There are so many different experiences and activities for you and your hens to enjoy within Ireland, from adventurous glamping or paintballing, to afternoon tea or dance classes. There’s really something for everyone, and themed hen parties can really personalise the experience. If you’re a bride to be who loves all things vintage, why not hold a kitsch and cute afternoon tea party with all your hens?

Or for a laddette who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, how about off road driving or an obstacle course? You can also theme your hen party around your favourites movies or TV shows, for example a Downton Abbey or Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed day! They are loads of ideas for themes and activities to enjoy on the Hen or Stag blog to help get your creative juices flowing so be sure to have a look!

Click here for inspiration: Hen Party Directory


Choosing where to hold your hen do is another big decision in planning the big night or day. It’s usually best, as with anything in planning a party, to look at the bride’s own likes, dislikes and expectations for the day. Is she a party animal who loves to be in the centre of all the action? A central location in a large town or city where the streets are bustling and the nightlife is booming might be her cup of tea!

Whereas somewhere quieter and off the beaten track might be more appropriate for a hillbilly girl who loves the countryside or a lady who’s looking to lounge and relax with her favourite girls before her big day. Keep it personal! The Hen or Stag website of course offers tonnes of information on unique and interesting locations and settings for hen parties, along with loads of offers. You can easily search for locations all in one place, and anything that can help ease the stress of organisation is worth taking full advantage of!

Click here for inspiration: Hen Party Locations


The date you pick for your hen party can be a huge factor in determining the activities or themes that are relevant. Chances care, you probably won’t want to take a boat trip or go mountain biking in the middle of the Irish winter! The date can often be overlooked, but is worth putting a little thought into. The Hen Or Stag website has your back as always in picking a date for your do! You can read more advice about it here: How To Choose The Perfect Hen Party Date

Hopefully these tips will help if you’re planning a hen party in 2016, but of course the most important advice in planning a day or evening for you and your girls is to have as much fun as possible!
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