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Fermanagh Hen Party On The Lakes


In this issue of ‘Real Life Hens’ we speak to bridesmaid Siobhan Reilly about a hen party that she and her fellow bridesmaids helped to plan for newly married Karen McLernon who hails from Belcoo, County Fermanagh. Siobhan gives us the low down...

Location, Location, Location

Karan was originally unsure if she wanted a hen party which left the bridesmaids only 4 weeks to plan this special event! They decided to keep it local for a number of reasons but mainly to allow as many of the girls to join them as possible. The girls booked Dulrush Self-Catering Lodge which accommodated them all under one roof.

Siobhan explained: “We wanted to be as local as possible so that we could fill the day with things to do instead of wasting it on travelling. The house was also a great idea as it kept everyone together.

Festival Divas

Siobhan and the girls opted for a festival inspired hen party with each girl wearing a flower crown. “Our festival inspired theme suits Karan’s personality and as we had planned to do activities in the forest beside our accommodation it was a great fit.

Karan did not know where the hen party was going to be and was blindfolded from her home house in Belcoo to the chosen destination of Belleek. Siobhan explained “It was a giggly and tense journey for Karan.” On Karan’s arrival all of her hen party were in the garden (including the peacocks) and she was greeted with a glass of prosecco. Hen party bags were also handed out and included face gems and neon paints which they painted onto each other to complete the festival look.

Cupcake Heaven

Their first hen party activity was cupcake decorating which was done with the team at ‘Yummy Mummy Cakes and Bakes’. According to Siobhan “this was a lot of fun and meant that the pregnant and infirm could join in too haha!” With the cupcake class over it was time enjoy them over a girly lunch accompanied by a cheese board.

Hens On Tour

In the afternoon the girls went all out and set sail along the lough in four boats, the journey took one hour to their chosen destination 'the forest'. They arrived in one piece - windswept and exhilarated!

To get everyone in party mode they surprised the girls with a scavenger hunt. Siobhan explains “We split into two teams and had to do various unique but fun tasks like collect Karan’s bras from the trees, make a mock bouquet as well as a range of other tasks involving the public.

Unbeknown to the group Siobhan and the bridesmaids had also arranged for the Aughakillymaude Mummers to surprise them as they walked past a derelict church on route back to their accommodation.

Siobhan explained: “Nobody was expecting this, it was hilarious! We congregated in the old church and the mummers told stories of marital traditions. We also enjoyed set dancing and had a sneaky drink of Poitin!” No doubt there was also plenty of embarrassment for the festival loving bride-to-be!

The Hen Night

Bridie the host of their chosen accommodation treated the girls to a homemade chicken curry with a range of extras. Having had fun in the woods all day they decided to chill with a few glasses of bubbles and have a PJ party with some hen party games including the popular Mr and Mrs Questions. According to Siobhan a naughty pink Piñata was the focus of attention for a lot of the girls. As the bubbles and drinks flowed the Karaoke went on until the small hours!

Hen Party Gifts

To make the Fermanagh hen party extra special for Karan the group presented her with a memory book created in the form of a recipe book. Some of Karan’s friends who couldn’t make the hen party also sent gifts and Bridie Gormley who owned the accommodation gave a wedding gift on departure.

Siobhan's Hen Party Tips

Siobhan (pictured right) reveals her top 3 tips...

(1) Strongly onsider the bride-to-be in question and her likes and dislikes.

(2) Choose a hen party theme around the bride-to-be “Karan loves Fermanagh and it’s lakes and traditional local customs. So although the Mummers may not be what you would usually see at a hen party it was fitting to Karan.”

(3) Consider hen party ideas that are unique and a new experience for everyone in the group.

So there you have it ladies, the low-down on what seems to have been a brilliant hen weekend in the Fermanagh Lakelands! We take this opportunity to thank Siobhan for giving us all the goss and insider tips and wish newly married Karan the very best of luck for the future as Mrs Lernon!

If you know a group of girls that would would like to be featured in our next issue of 'Real Life Hens' then simply email us to: info@HenorStag.com (we’d love to hear from you!)

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