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Why Play Hen Party Games?


Why play Hen Party Games?

Below is 5 reasons why you should play hen party games


1) Suitable For All Ages Hen party games are the perfect solution to get the party going! They make everyone feel at ease especially those ladies of an older generation!

2) Fun Factor Hen party games are sure to bring the fun factor and give everyone a laugh whilst learning a thing or two about each other!

3) Friends Both Old and New Hen party games are a light-hearted way to kickstart the celebrations and get everyone bought into the weekend! Both friends old and new come together to for one common goal... to ensure the Bride-to-be has the time of her life!

4) Icebreakers  Hen party games are the perfect icebreaker and is sure to get all the ladies mingling!

5) Prizes Having treats at stake is sure to get the competitive side out in your group! It will make things interesting and of course get everyone in the mood to party!

Below is a list of 5 hen party games that are sure to impress your ladies...

Memory Lane Hen Party Game


Memory Lane hen party game is the perfect way to get all the ladies giggling aloud as they reminisce on old memories of the Bride-to-be! For this lighthearted hen party game the hens must write down on a sheet of paper when or how they first met the bride-to-be!

During the hen party, all of the memories from each hen will be placed into a hat and the bride must read out each memory and try to match it to the correct hen! Super fun forfeits will be suggested by her hens for the memories she gets wrong! Memory lane is the perfect hen party game and is sure to kickstart the celebrations!

Embarrassing Photo Contest Hen Party Game


Embarrassing Photo Contest is the ideal hen party game for all those ladies that love to reminisce on old photos! To play this game, each member of the bridal party must bring an embarrassing photo of the bride-to-be which will be pinned to a display wall for the whole hen party to see and for the bride to cringe! The bride to be must then guess who brought the embarrassing photo and give a valid reason why! Embarrassing Photo Contest is sure to get all the ladies teary eyed as they dote over cute photos of the bride-to-be!

Funny Mr and Mrs Q’s Hen Party Game


Get the ladies in the floods of laughter with Funny Mr and Mrs Q’s! Put the bride-to-be’s knowledge to the test to see how well she really knows her future husband! Your questions can be as funny, rude or daring as you want! Be sure to include forfeits and dares for all incorrect answers! You are sure to be in for a good time with this hilarious hen party game!

Dress the Bride Hen Party Game


Now is your chance to dress the bride with this super fun hen party game! All your hens have to do is bring one fancy dress item with them for the bride to wear. This can be anything from random pieces of clothing to funky wigs, the aim of the game is to completely embarrass the bride-to-be!

As well as this, the bride has to guess which fancy dress item has been brought by which hen - this is sure to make things interesting! To help bring the fun factor, the bride must also decide which hen is worthy of receiving a prize for bringing the best fancy dress item. Dress the Bride hen party game is sure to impress!

Scavenger Hunt Hen Party Game


Get the ladies running about like headless hens with a super fun game of Scavenger Hunt! It is the perfect way to get the competitive and wild side out in the girlies! To play Scavenger Hunt hen party games, the ladies must be divided into teams and once they are sorted, the teams are given a list of items that they must find in the ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ This game works best in towns or cities to help make things all the more interesting! These items can be as crazy or as random as you want them to be, from a selfie with the best looking bar man to a mans piece of clothing! Once all the items on the list are found, the team must then race back to the finish line in order to win the prize at stake!

So there you have it ladies, 5 hen party games that are sure to get all the ladies laughing out loud and kick the celebrations in style!

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