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Why Plan A Victorian Hen Party in Ireland


For a classy and elegant day out in Ireland, a Victorian hen party is sure to tick all the right boxes! From the lavish dresses to traditional tea party options, you are sure to have a day never to be forgot!

Escape with your girls to Victoria Escapade in Mullingar, County Westmeath as you enjoy a Victorian experience like no other! It is indeed the ideal location for a hen party with it being only a one hour drive from Dublin and 2 hours from Belfast!

If you are a fan of ‘Downtown Abbey’ you are sure to be in for a surprise with the old world venue allowing the ladies to experience what life would have been like in the Victorian era! Your ladies will be amazed with the old time décor, music and surroundings! The experience is set to be a lot more real than anyone could anticipate!

To help get the ladies into spirit, Victorian Escapade offers a generous range of both below-stairs industriousness and upstairs luxury! Start the day off dressed as servants and carry out various games such as a chamber pot races whereby the aim of the game is to cross the finishing line without splashing a drop of water on the ground! The team with the most liquid left in their pot will be crowned the winner! The girls will also participate in a humorous laundry challenge as they learn the art of using carbonic soap to wash clothes with some good old fashioned elbow grease! Afterwards, you and your servant friends will enjoy a super fun baking session which includes baking an old-fashioned apple cake that you will eat later on in the evening, how exciting! 

Once the servant duties are done and dusted, your hens will get a taster of what royalty feels like as you all dress up in a long elegant dress of your choice! Afterwards move upstairs to the drawing room to take part in a super fun dance session followed by a glamorous photoshoot! Once you and your besties are finished posing, have a laugh as you play exciting parlour games and activities! 

Finish off the day with a Victorian afternoon tea of course! Sit in the lavishly decorated dining room where you will be treated to fine china, finely cut sandwiches, tempting sweet treats and freshly brewed tea or coffee! This is the perfect opportunity for all the ladies to enjoy a catch up and talk about the fun-filled day you all shared! Don’t forget to use your poshest accent of course!

So there you have it ladies, our top reasons why you must plan a Victorian hen party in Ireland! What are you waiting for? Get booking Victorian Escapade today!

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