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What to Consider When Booking Hen Party Accommodation


It is important when booking hen party accommodation that all the ladies are satisfied with the choice and that it is suitable for your particular needs! Many factors need to be taken into consideration including location and size to name but a few!

Below is a list of different types of accommodation that you may want to consider:


Many groups opt for a hotel when it comes to planning their accommodation! Many hotels can often cater for a range of group sizes, from small to large! Not to mention, they normally have a range of guest room options to choose from including single, double and triple with something to suit everyone! If you are looking for a lavish and stylish experience, luxury hotels will often have a spa and dining facilities which offer and serve a range of tempting treats including Afternoon Tea! There is also a wide range of hotels that are budget friendly and are centrally located, making them perfect for a hen party in the city! However, it is important to note that some hotels will not allow party attire such as sashes while others will require a security deposit to cover any unforeseen damages or excessive noise! Be sure to do your research if you are opting for a hotel as they come in all variations!


Self-catering accommodation is ideal for larger groups and of ladies that like to fend for themselves! Most self-catering accommodations come with free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living area, TV and comfortable guestrooms, which is indeed suitable for a hen party! A self-catered accommodation proves to be cost effective as the ladies cook their own breakfast and perhaps dinner also! The girls will also be able to enjoy the most perfect girly catch up in a stylish accommodation! Most self-catered accommodations are centrally located or a short distance out of the town which is of course ideal for you and the ladies!


For the hens that want to go all out, glamping is sure to get the celebrations underway in style! It is indeed a quirky experience and something different for you and the ladies to try out! Glamping is fancy camping but without the poky tents and waterlogged fields! With glamping comes a wide range of lavish accommodation options from stylish yurts to a cosy tree house or pods! There sure is something to suit all groups and is of course suitable for women of all ages! Don’t worry ladies, glamping accommodation does come with toilets, showers and beds so there won’t be any nasty surprises!

Camper Van

A camper van is a superb accommodation option if you are hosting a hippy or vintage hen party theme! There are a wide range of stylish camper vans which normally come with fully functional heating, cooking facilities, sound systems and converted bed space! In some cases, shower and toilet facilities also! A camper van is ideal for smaller groups and can be rather cost effective with it being a self-catered option! Your only worry will be who is in charge of the wheel!


You may decide to opt for a hostel for you and your girls! Hostels are perfect if you are opting for a low budget hen party and they can cater for both groups large and small! Hostels are usually fully equipped with all the amenities you need including free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, TV, self-catering facilities, luggage storage and more! Not to mention, they are usually centrally located making them perfect for a hen party in the city!


For the ladies that love the wild outdoors, a camping hen party experience is sure to do the trick! Surround yourself by nature, exploring what the wild side has to offer! Camping is of course very cost effective which is great for those parties on a strict budget! Not to mention, camping gives the ladies the chance to enjoy a well-deserved catch up as they escape from the busy city life for a day or two! Gather round a campfire with a glass of wine in hand or melt some tasty marshmallows! However, it goes without saying that there are no toilets or shower facilities available which may be a problem for any high maintenance ladies in the group!


Why not enjoy the celebrations in the comfort of your own home? With the celebrations being hosted in your own house, this gives you the chance to try out many different and fun alternatives including cocktail making, baking competitions, hen party games, karaoke and more! The ladies will not have to worry about dressing to impress as they can lounge about in their night gowns and slippers whilst holding a glass of wine! For hen party accommodation that requires little money or effort and is indeed great for all ages, your own house or that of a friend is sure to satisfy all your lovely ladies!

So there you have it, our top hen party accommodation and what to consider when booking! Be inspired and book yours today!

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