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Top 5 Hen Party Gift Ideas


Buying gifts can be one of the most difficult and onerous tasks for any Hen Party. Do you go down the practical ‘gift-they-will-definitely-use’ route? Or indulge in a comical gag gift? There’s also the option for something personal, meaningful but at the end of the day completely useless… Or perhaps you just want something a little different and special for the bride-to-be.

Here are my Top 5 Hen Party Gift Ideas!

(1) Honeymoon Activity

Why not give the lucky bride-to-be something to really look forward to whilst on her honeymoon? After all, there is no one more qualified than her best friends to plan an activity that she will truly enjoy. It could be something just for her, or something for the couple to enjoy together. Think spa break, wine tasting, dinner in a swanky restaurant. It’s a great way to give her an unforgettable memory, and to remind her of you whilst she is away! Add an extra touch and have it be a surprise. Simply present her with an envelope during the party to serve as a clue that she can attempt to work out.

(2) Memory Video

Give your Hen a gift that she will cherish in the form of a memory video! Gather people from her past, close friends and family, head to her favourite places and interview everyone as to why they love and admire her. End with a gag reel and/or everyone wishing her luck on the big day. It’s perfect for putting your own spin on a personal touch. A short film filled with old teachers, colleagues, friends and family sharing stories and memories is a great way to make your bride-to-be beam.

(3) Go Pro

Or, alternatively, why not chip in and buy her a GoPro so that she can record all of the action leading up to the big day and during the honeymoon? GoPro’s have steadily gained in popularity over the last while, due to the high quality of images they take, and the fact that they can be used almost anywhere, including underwater. Cameras are a fab gift that many wouldn’t think of buying themselves. It also means you’re sorted for birthday and Christmas – just keep racking up the accessories!

(4) Post-Honeymoon-Blues Blitzer

Pre-empt the post-honeymoon blues and organise something for your bride to enjoy when she returns. A makeover, day with a personal shopper or even a spa treatment can make coming back to normal life a bit more bearable. If you feel like you need a treat after all these months of organisation, why not arrange to go with her!

(5) Hen Party Part Two

No doubt the stress of the upcoming wedding will weight slightly on your Hen’s mind, no matter how hard she tries to relax at the party. Instead of a physical gift why not give her a voucher, or a card containing details of another party/get together/weekend break that you will all go on after the big day is over. It’s a great chance to catch up, relax and revisit all the memories that you may have been too caught up in planning the ceremony to fully appreciate. It can be as extravagant as you like – anything from a night away to a meal voucher for a group dinner in her favourite restaurant.
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