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Girly Tattoo Hen Party Ideas


Hen party ideas don’t always sound as good as they look so stay tuned! 

You all know Lauren Conrad from The Hills? Her hen party idea has been a real hen party craze and it’s perfect. At her bachelorette party she got tattoos printed saying “I belong with Lauren’s Bachelorette party if I’m lost, buy me a drink”.

Lauren then got the girls to put the tattoos on their wrists. How cute!!! 

The team at Day Dream Prints over on Esty have created a fab range of stylish tattoos that are perfect for a girly evening or weekend of celebrations. 

These temporary tattoos make for great photos! Below is two great examples...

Why not buy your own tattoo paper online and print your hen party tattoos? 


>>> Lucy’s hen party! Let the good times roll. 

>>> Lots of love for Lucy’s hen party.

>>> Our friendship is a gift I enjoy opening every day.

>>> Wherever we are it’s our friends who make the world. 

>>> The hen party is the family Lucy chose herself.

Image Credits: Lauren Conrad | Day Dream Prints


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