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Stylish Hen Party Theme Ideas


A stylish hen party theme plays a major role in the success of a hen do so should be taken seriously and fully prepared before the Bride-to-be’s special day! From Great Gatsby to Bohemian, be sure to pick a stylish hen party theme that will appeal to all your lovely ladies! A stylish hen party theme is perfect for ladies of all ages and is sure to have everyone excited for a fun filled day ahead! Not to mention, it is a great photo opportunity for all the girls to look back on and laugh! Don’t forget ladies, cheesy and tacky hen party themes are so out and glam and chic ones are so in right now !

Below is a list of stylish hen party theme ideas to help inspire you:

All White

White everything! It is obvious that the colour white symbolises elegancy and class, just like you ladies of course! Be sure to find your favourite fitted white dress with a white rose flower crown to follow! You may also decide to wear a white signature watch and white platforms to help you stand out from the crowd! A French manicure is sure to also look the part for your all white theme! This means no tacky L plate hairbands and pink and black sashes! Your ladies are guaranteed to look like goddesses!


For a hip and chic hen party theme, be sure to opt for Bohemian! This means large flower crowns or head chains, pattern maxi dresses, flared white jeans and floral kimonos! Not to mention, gladiator sandals or brown faux boots are sure to perfect this look even more! Go the extra mile and invest in round shaped sunglasses to ensure your Bohemian hen party theme will have everyone daring to stare!

Great Gatsby

A Great Gatsby hen party theme will have all the ladies in their element as they try to be the next Daisy Buchanan! An embellished flapper dress is on the cards for this stylish hen party theme so be sure to do your homework and find the right one for you, nude or black are the must have flapper dress style! Be sure to also invest in a Rhinestone flapper headpiece to have everyone envious! Remember ladies, any jewellery that is black and gold is sure to look the part including bracelets and signature necklaces! All you need now is our very own Leonardo Di Caprio!


Who said tuxedos were just for men? Tuxedos for women are becoming increasingly popular and definitely look super glam! It is the ideal hen party theme and is sure to suit all the ladies! It is a very simple idea to carry out with only a suit and tux needed followed by a pair of killer heels! Choose from a white or black tuxedo styles for the hens! This stylish hen party theme was seen carried out by singer Martine McCutcheon when in Paris, so be inspired!

Marilyn Monroe

We have all no doubt wanted to be the iconic Marilyn Monroe so why not become this stylish icon for the day? A Marilyn Monroe hen party theme is perfect for all the classy ladies as they dress up in their favourite white skater dress and wear a platinum blonde wig- don’t forget the bright red lippy! As Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world’ showing that your high heels play a significant role in the hen party theme! Opt for red pointed toe court shoes to help perfect your Marilyn Monroe hen party theme!

Sex and the City

Why not become Carrie and her crew for the night with a super fun Sex and the City hen party theme? Raid your cupboard and find your perfect black cocktail dress to wear on the night followed by a pair of gold platforms! The Sex and the City cast were known for their luxurious accessories so be sure to wear a signature necklace or watch to ensure you look the part! It goes without saying that trendy sunglasses are a main asset to a Sex and the City hen party theme so make sure they are at the top of your to do list! Cosmos at the ready!

Vintage Tea Party

A vintage tea party is sure to please all the lovely ladies and a fab choice when opting for a stylish hen party theme! A vintage theme means lots of floral and polka dot designs so make sure to find the perfect 1920s housewife dress to suit you! You are sure to be spoilt for choice when opting for a vintage hairstyle, from finger wave curls to a French twist and much more! Add finishing touches to your vintage hen party theme with white leather gloves and a pearl necklace, you will most certainly be the perfect tea party hostess!


Go all out with a Bollywood hen party theme, it is sure to impress! Headpieces are crucial so be sure to wear an authentic head chain to stand out from the crowd! Choose from a wide range of styles and colours for the perfect Sari, a traditional Indian garment! Or if you are hoping for a more quirky outfit for your ladies to enjoy, why not opt for a Bollywood dance costume? Don’t forget to wear lots of colourful and sparkly bangles and large signature earrings! Having trouble on picking the most suitable Bollywood makeover? We advise lots of sparkly gold eyeshadow and dramatic eyeliner as well as bright red lips! For a stylish hen party theme that lets you go all out for the day, Bollywood is a fantastic choice!


Keep up with the Kardashians with a hen party theme related to the iconic sisters! It is a given fact that the Kardashian sisters are big fans of the colour black, so keep it classy and simple with a tight fitted black knee length dress followed by a signature watch and diamond earrings! You may also decide to opt for a long black wig if your hair isn’t already like this! There is nothing the Kardashians love more than a professional makeover, so why not get arrange one for you and your ladies to enjoy to help perfect the look? Go all out with your Kardashian hen party theme!


The rockabilly style was inspired by rock and roll music and dates back to the 1950s, it oozes style and is super hip! It is the perfect hen party theme for the ladies to enjoy as they let their imagination run wild as they design their own look! Fitted halter dresses and high waisted ankle-length pants are the ultimate style for a successful rockabilly hen party theme topped off by a red polka dot choker around the neck! Get into the swing of things with a punk rock tattoo on your upper arm, it is sure to impress all your besties! In terms of the rockabilly make up, don’t be afraid to layer up on the black eyeliner followed by red rouge lipstick! Bring it back to the 1950’s with this stylish hen party theme!

So there you have it ladies, stylish hen party theme ideas that are sure to look the part! Be inspired and create your hen party theme today!

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