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SOS Hen Party Planning


We’ve all been at hen parties where things don’t go quite to plan. Some of my favourite nights out, and the funniest to look back on, are the ones where things didn’t go exactly to plan. As a hen, it can be frustrating to put lots of work in, and for the rest of the group to go off. Of course it is important everyone is smiling and having fun!

However, I do think it’s important to have plans, even if it’s as simple as a dinner reservation and VIP booth at your favourite club. That way, you have a solid fall back plan. Always ask the bride for some input or guidance on what she would like to do, and remember that not everyone likes surprises!

Take the lead

No one wants to feel like they’re on a school trip, but it is important for someone to take control. If you’re the lead hen who made all the bookings, make sure you confirm everything and try to make upfront payments where possible. Also, you should arrive on time so the other hens know what is happening.

Bury the hatchet

It’s not nice, but sometimes people just don’t get along. Hen parties can bring different groups of friends and family together, and occasionally people will have their differences. If you know there will be people on the hen that don’t get along, it’s worthwhile trying to smooth things over and be civil beforehand, after all you’re all there for your BFF, the bride-to-be. If things get heated, walk away. It’s not worth making the hen party memorable for causing chaos.

If there are people who don’t know each other, it’s a nice hen party idea to plan some ice breakers – tell everyone else how you know the bride, how long you’ve been friends, and the funniest thing that’s happened you when together.
Hen party games

are also a great way to get to know each other!

Don’t forget that the people who are on the hen party together will be at the wedding a few weeks later, so use the opportunity to make new friends.

Binge boozing

Let’s not beat around the bush, lots of hen parties back in the day ended in drunken carnage - but it's 2015 and that's old school! I’m not going to remind you about the dangers of binge drinking, but I will stress the importance of carbs and water. If you’re the lead hen, take it upon yourself to make sure people are eating, especially if the champagne will start early in the day. Get rounds of water from the bar to limit the hangover damage for the next day and bring something to help deal with any headaches the next day! Also, go easy on the shots. Go hard or go home is not the attitude for a hen party, unless you want to be in bed by 10pm!

Budget friendly

Weddings are expensive for all involved. As hens, you’ve been invited into an inner circle of people who are very important to the bride, and as such it can be hard to turn down an invite. Let people remember the hen party for good things, not from costing the earth. There are lots of ways to ensure your budget goes along way, from DIY decorations to getting creative with your venue choice.

Whatever you choose to do with your fellow hens, don’t forget the real reason you’re all there – to spend quality time with your friend before she gets married. It’s a stressful enough time and she’ll be excited to spend time with her nearest and dearest relaxing and having fun before the wedding.

Lorraine Anthony

Lorraine Anthony is a marketing and event management guru by day! She loves nothing more than getting crafty and is partial to tea and cake! She is currently planning her dream wedding!

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