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Pimp Your Prosecco Hen Party Ideas


If you see yourself as more of a DIY hen but want to blow the girls away with your creations, a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar is the perfect idea! Not only will it appeal to all those wine lovers of the group, but it is also the ultimate photo opportunity for ladies that like to take a snap or two!

To help ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’, we have come up with unique ideas to inspire:

Chalk Board

Start by including a chalk board with ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ written in fancy font! This way the ladies will know exactly where the prosecco bar is instead of running around like headless chickens! You may also decide to include a personal message to help fit in with the hen party theme, it can be as quirky or as humorous as you want it to be! Go the extra mile and decorate your chalk board with pastel coloured bunting, flowers and glitter, it is sure to catch everyone’s attention!


Everyone knows that you can’t have a prosecco bar without a vast selection of fruits! Nothing tastes better with a chilled glass of prosecco than a few summer fruits including strawberries, raspberries and peaches! Display the tempting fruit in separate glass bowls for all the hens to see, they are sure to be super impressed with your efforts!


Go all out and include a bowl of sorbet for the ladies to blissfully mix with their glass of prosecco! From lemon sorbet to raspberry sorbet, the ladies won’t be able to get enough of this fantastic idea! Be sure to have enough to go around, we don’t want any unhappy hens at the celebrations!

Candy Floss

Add a little fun to your prosecco bar with some sweet treats to help accompany your sparkling wine! Candy floss is every ladies favourite childhood treat and what better time and place to help rekindle this memory? Why not display the candy floss in a cocktail glass with a sugar coated rimming? It’s sure to be an idea that your nearest and dearest will adore!


Herb-infused prosecco will ensure all the hens are enjoying the celebrations as they taste totally delightful! Be sure to include a wide range of herbs to suit all the ladies including sage, ginger, mint and thyme! Not only will the herbs ensure the drinks taste better but they will help the sparkling wine look even more visually appealing!


Flowers can help give the ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ bar a more shabby chic look! You may decide to scatter the flowers all over the bar or have them set neatly in a small wooden crate beside the prosecco! Be sure to do your research and find out what flowers would look most perfect for the occasion! From dahlias to roses, the choices are going to be endless!


Each woman is different, so including a generous selection of syrup flavours is always the best options! From raspberry to peach, elderberry to blackberry, your hens could be spoilt with choice! Have the syrups displayed in a stylish swing bottle labelling exactly what each flavour is. Syrups are sure to help your prosecco table look the part!

Why not accessorise your prosecco?

Go the extra mile and include accessories and favours for the ladies to decorate their prosecc. Below is 4 different accessories you may decide to opt for to give your prosecco the x-factor!

Glass Tags

Glass tags are sure to look super stylish on each of your wine glasses! Go all out and personalise each glass tag with each hens name or initials! This way the hens won’t get their drinks mixed up and the tags themselves can be a great keepsake!

Cocktail Sticks

For stylish drink décor, cocktail sticks are sure to please! They do of course come in a wide range of colours and styles to help make your drinks more appealing for the celebrations!

Glitter Glasses

Glitter glasses, need we say anymore? They are super chic and easy to create! However, if you want to save yourself the hassle, glitter glasses can be purchased almost anywhere! Choose form a wide range of pretty colours that will blend in with your chosen hen party theme!


It would be a crime to ruin your lippy over a glass of prosecco! Straws are not only a glamorous accessory but also very convenient! Make sure to opt for mini stripe straws for a super cute prosecco accessory that your girls will love!

So there you have it ladies, prosecco hen party ideas that will have all ladies in their element! What are you waiting for? Create your unique prosecco bar today! 

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