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Last Minute Halloween Ideas


Halloween is almost here, and you may not have your costume ready yet? Don't panic I’ve got your back covered! Here are some Halloween ideas that you can put together in minutes, most of them can be created with items you already have at home.

Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds over the past few weeks I have noticed a lot of cute Halloween make-up looks. Most girls prefer to still look cute for Halloween which is fine, I’m probably one of those girls myself. So here are a few last minute ideas to help. Fear not, you don’t have to be a trained make-up artist to pull them off!

Halloween Rag Doll

I've heard countless ghost stories and seen numerous films which featured a creepy doll and if done right can be very freaky. A huge part of this look is the oversized eyes and dramatic over the top lashes. The colours of your make up will obviously depend on what kind of doll look you decide on, creepy, physco or cracked doll are just some of the looks I came across online.

Don't forget your accessories! The doll look really comes to life when you pay attention to the details. Consider wearing a head full of pin curls and adding an oversized bow or if you don’t have time to sit with a head full of rollers some simple pigtails will be just as effective.

Halloween Animals

An animal is the simplest Halloween costume idea that you can choose. You can literally wear anything, throw on a pair of animal ears and a bit of creative makeup, and you're completely set for Halloween. This is the ultimate lazy girl Halloween costume, and there are some really simple and easy to follow tutorials online which will set you up for success. Ok so a wood land animal may not be the scariest Halloween costume but you have to appreciate how pretty and creative some of these looks are.

Halloween Pop Art

This is such an original idea that is actually super easy to create using precise and bold makeup. The key to this look is to create the sharp angles of the face such as the cheek bones jaw line and nose. Complete the look with a vintage-inspired dress, preferably brightly coloured and polka dotted or in a bold print and you're on your way. Why not watch the really helpful online tutorial above to help inspire yo!

So ladies I hope that I have helped with some of that last minute panic trying to pull together a costume at short notice.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween weekend.

Ciara McKevitt

Ciara Mckevitt is an event stylist! She loves nothing more than socialising with her girlies over a cocktail and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends!

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