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How To Choose The Perfect Hen Party Date


So the bride and groom to be have chosen one special date, so now it’s time to choose a date for the second most important day – the hen party! The only problem is getting a group of girls, with very different schedules together can sometimes be a complete nightmare! Even with small numbers, we all lead really busy lives, so the key to organising a good hen party is starting early!

While it might make you seem like a keen bean, the bride-to-be and the other hens will appreciate as much advance warning for the hen party as possible. Not only does it avoid last minute diary clashes, but it allows everyone to budget for the party.

Date Planning Tools

One of the easiest ways to choose a date is doodle.com. The free site allows you to create a poll with potential dates and times. Invitations to take part in the poll are sent to the other guests by email, everyone chooses the dates that suit them and Doodle tells you which is most popular for the majority of people. Once the date for the big day is set, closed facebook groups can help share information with your fellow hens.

Save Money!

Starting early is the best way to arrange a date and make initial plans for what you’ll be doing. Booking early can give extra discounts but just remember that too much information and excitement can be a bad thing. You don’t want the other hens to feel overwhelmed with updates, so keep them as short and sweet as possible.

While technology makes life easier for most of us, don’t forget that some people aren’t online too often so make sure all the information is sent to the whole group.

Recoup Time

In terms of which dates to suggest, the only people who do hen parties the night before the wedding live in Coronation Street or Emmerdale! These days we all appreciate a few weeks to recoup between the hen party and the wedding itself, so choosing a date around a month before the wedding should suit most people.

Try to steer clear of already busy weekends like Halloween, Easter or Christmas where prices for hotels will be at a premium, activities are busier and taxis are harder to get!
Lorraine Anthony

Lorraine Anthony is a marketing and event management guru by day! She loves nothing more than getting crafty and is partial to tea and cake! She is currently planning her dream wedding!

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