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Hen Party Theme Ideas by The Peacock Bride


So you’ve picked the date, chosen the location and gathered the brood, the only thing left to now is to choose the attire. These days this has a very different meaning. Gone are the days of the pink, fluffy, flashing paraphernalia, you know what we mean; the sashes, the flashing L Plates, the willy shot glasses, the list goes on but we think it’s time to take a stand. But hen partiers deserve more credit in the style stakes and it’s time for some sleeker, more subtle alternatives. Nowadays hens are flocking to glamorous rosettes, subtle novelties and pretty decorations. With so much to consider, choosing the right accessories need not be a worry if you follow our tips. Below are some of our most popular hen party themes.

Theme: 1920’s

1920’s style, coined by Coco Chanel has fast become the theme of the hen. There’s something fabulous about slipping into a flapper dress, complete with fishnets, feathers and pearls. Go for full dress up for the bride; the dress, headpiece, pearls, tights, the works and add just a dash of glamour for the hens with a feathered headpiece and cigarette holder. Take 15 girls, each with a dash of 1920’s glamour and you’re onto a winner in the style stakes.

Theme: Vintage

Vintage has been a hit on the hen party scene for a number of years now. More and more people want understated accessories when it comes to their hen party. Our collection of vintage accessories and decorations include a sash for the bride-to-be, a rosette, a selection of badges for the hens, bunting, straws and vintage tableware, more than enough to take you back in time.

Theme: Monochrome

The monochrome theme as been on the up for a couple of years now. Typically the bride will dress head to toe in white with the maids and hens in all black. A white veil, sparkly tiara or wings are the perfect way to compliment the bride-to-be’s outfit and a subtle hairband adds a dash of glamour for the hens while tying it all in together.

Theme: Floral

Florals have always been popular, particularly for summer hen parties. A headdress for the bride-to-be with rose buds coupled with some floral headbands or hair clips for the hens should be enough to add some class. Simple, cute and oh so easy.

The Peacock Bride stocks a range of fun and stylish hen party accessories for the bride-to-be looking for something that little bit different. From hairbands, accessories, costumes, novelties and decorations - they have it all!

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