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Hen Party Gift Ideas


As we all know buying ANY gift for a woman proves troublesome, never mind for the bride and her hens! Hen party coordinators usually create a party pack for all those attending, including items such as game cards or survival kits but what about hen party gifts?

One of the best hen party gifts that I have come across would have to be a hen party signature book! The signature idea can come in many different varieties such as a canvas, book, t-shirt or large letter. It is visually creative and unique but most importantly it will be a gift that the bride can keep forever. When complete every hen who attended the party will have left a heart felt message for the bride to treasure forever.

Personalised T-Shirts

Available to buy: Lost Cove Apparel

I would encourage all hen parties to purchase personalised t-shirts for the hen party! There is nothing more exciting than only having to ponder upon outfit ideas on the bottom half whilst topping it off with a personalised hen party t-shirt. Many hens find it easier to locate their party by their t-shirts after a few glasses of bubbly! But remember to keep it classy! 

Party Photo Booth Kit

Available to buy: Toasted Props

A great idea I came across on my most recent birthday was a set of photo booth accessories. Alongside a selfie stick the photos with the hens and bride would be priceless! Instead of paying large amounts for a photo booth stand, replace it with the handy novelties and our much loved selfie smart phones!

Luxury Hamper

Available to buy: Marks and Spencer

Ideal for any bridal party heading away for a spa retreat, a hamper made up of goodies to relax and kick back with when returning to the room. Some utterly fabulous hampers I have discovered are from the much-loved Sawyers in the heart of Belfast City Centre, or can be purchased online from nationwide retailers such as Marks and Spencer.

The hampers should be layered in sparkly shredded tissue. Filling on top of the tissue is the easy part! Choose from face masks, night creams, truffles, matching pyjamas, nail polish, truth or dare cards, movies, popcorn... the options are endless! Instead of having an early night why not prolong the chats and enjoy that sacred time together with a luxury gift hamper?

Bride-to-Be Gifts 

Available to buy: Kelly Connor Designs

Now for the hard part: An upcoming wedding can be a very expensive time for the hen party, bride and her family. With an engagement and wedding gift to buy, the hen party gift can be equally difficult to choose. In many circumstances it is common for the hens to contribute a small amount of money each and pay her way on the hen weekend. A couple if nice ideas for the bride are:

- An upgraded hotel room or extra spa treatment for the bride!
- Surprise the bride with an Afternoon Tea gift voucher
- Go all out on a Chanel hand bag
- Ensure the bride is not late for her big day with a Michael Kors watch
- Treat the bride and her new groom to a weekend away
- Buy a bottle of Champagne and have the girls sign it (the bride and groom get to enjoy it on their first anniversary!).

The possibilities are endless... remember it's a hen party so keep it fun! (Classy if possible as the tacky era is fast becoming old school!)

Cover Image Credit: Alphabet Bags

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