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Five Stylish Hen Party Ideas


For those Hens looking to do something a little bit different there are tonnes of great, alternative ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with friends. Check out these five examples of great, stylish, fun hen nights! 

The Throwback Party

A Throwback party is a great way to use old memories to make new ones that will last forever! Play musical chairs, pass the parcel, twister, have a trivia quiz with a 90s music round… the possibilities are endless. Set up a paper plate buffet in the kitchen serving sandwiches, everyone’s favourite sweets and of course the old favourites – top hats! Do it in costume as your favourite teen movie heroine for added nostalgia... but remember to keep it classy at all times!

The Great Hen Bake Off

Inspired by GBBO, this hen party is the perfect way to mix spending time with friends, doing something arts-and-crafty and making a bit of a mess. Pick everyone’s favourite recipes, grab your best girls and natter away whilst mixing, folding, sprinkling and icing. Then save up the bakes and have a tea party to show off everyone’s creations. Mary Berry eat your heart out! 

The Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt in which the clues are personal to the bride. Use places she loves to go, trivia from her life, things she has done; embarrassing and otherwise. Split everyone into teams or go as one big group. Hunt out the clues and do challenges or activities at each location. And yes, Cosmos count as an activity! For even more fun have the groom party do another hunt, answering questions on the wife-to-be. See if they can manage to meet in the middle! If not, some revision before the wedding may be necessary…

The Outdoor Party

Or if you’re a more outdoorsy bunch why not try something a little different? Whether it be a Summer picnic with bubbles in the country, horse riding, water sports, an assault course, off road driving abseiling, rock climbing - just make sure to get all your friends together and do something out of your comfort zone. Do something new that you will always have the memories to look back on in years to come. Put a twist on hen party activities by amalgamating the brides and grooms friends and tying two together. On the way home stop to walk on a beach, get dinner and a nice glass of wine. By the end your whole wedding party will know each other better and you will have experiences to share on the Big Day. Or at the very least, you’ll know who not to sit together.

The Makeover Party

Book into a hotel or organise to use a friend’s house. Arrange a professional to come and glam you up, or maybe even use a makeover/photoshoot company (check out our review of Boudoir Girls and Real Makeover) to give your day that something special. Take before and after pics, try out styles for the wedding day and pick up a few pointers for future reference. Why not turn it into a slumber party complete with music playlist, karaoke and homemade cocktails? Or dress up and go out on the town after? Make yourself pretty or dress up in a stylish costume. Just make sure to have a fab, glam, wonderful night.

So there you have it, five unique and stylish hen party ideas! Time to get planning...

Laura Sproule

Laura is a Radio diva! She loves music, travel and all things media!

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