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Fab DIY Hen Party Ideas


Throwing a hen party can be lots of fun but it can also be expensive! Here is a range of hen party ideas to show your bride-to-be that you went the extra mile to make her celebration extra special while keeping costs to a minimum.

DIY Balloons

Balloons have become a huge trend at weddings etc in recent times and can be an inexpensive way of decorating a room or space for any celebration. Personalise some balloons with a metallic marker and personal sayings or nicknames! Alternatively you can dip the balloons in some glitter to give that extra touch of glamour

Vodka Jelly Bears

Vodka jelly bears are such a fun yet novel idea for a hen party or any other celebration. Simply fill a bowl with jelly sweets, soak in alcohol, leave in the fridge for one hour, the sweets will have absorbed the alcohol leaving you with a fun way to get a tad tipsy! 

Floral Ice Cubes

Beautify your drinks with some floral ice cubes that is sure to impress your guests. First thing to do is to source some edible flowers. There are a variety of edible flowers available but make sure you know what they are. These can be easily found online and that’s the hard part done, then all you have to do is freeze them in water overnight in trays and your done! If finding the flowers is too difficult you could use edible glitter or colourful sweets, these will work just as well.

Plan A Playlist

It’s not a party without music! Before you start the celebrations, make sure to plan out a playlist. Make sure to include songs which are personal to the bride, group favourites and any songs which hold special significance. Just make a playlist that’s long enough that it goes through a few hours and if this isn’t enough you can always press the repeat button! I would suggest using music from different genres and make sure not to play too much of one artist. If you have different ages attending be sure to cater for everyone.

These are just some of the DIY hen party ideas which you could help make the hen night extra special. What are you waiting for, it's time to embrace DIY!

Image Credits: Swansosweet.com | ThatsSoMichelle.co | Architectureartdesigns.com | WildFox.com

Ciara McKevitt

Ciara Mckevitt is an event stylist! She loves nothing more than socialising with her girlies over a cocktail and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends!

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