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DIY Hen Party Decor Ideas


If you’re a hands on hen and you want to add some special touches to the hen party, there’s no better way than to do some DIY!

Whether it’s an afternoon tea, a meal with the girls or a night in a hotel, the DIY decor choices are vast, and we’ve chosen our favourite (and the easiest) to help you put a personal touch to the venue.

Badass Bunting

Bunting is SO easy to make, either using fabric or paper, and it’s really easy to personalise. If shabby chic florals are your thing, stick to pastels and mismatched prints. If you’re going for something more modern, use your bunting to spell out a name, a phrase or a fun saying.

To make your own bunting, you’ll need a triangular template. If you’re using fabric, pinking shears will trim the edges with a zig zag, so you won’t need to sew any hems. Use bias binding (easily found in any fabric shops) and run a straight stitch to sandwich the fabric triangle within the binding. If you choose to make paper bunting, punch a hole in the corners of your triangle and thread ribbon or string through to link them together.

We love this alphabet bunting as seen on Ruffledblog.com with mix and match patterns. Just choose the letters you need for your message, print them out and trim the edges!

Brilliant Balloons

Balloons are really handy decoration tools as they don’t cost a fortune, they’re easy to get and transport, and they look great in any venue.

Bespoke balloons are available, but if you’d like to make your own it’s easy. Just grab a metallic permanent marker and write away on your inflated balloons. If you want to go big and bold, giant letter balloons make brilliant backdrops for photographs and you can spell anything you want!

Pretty Photo Ideas

Hen parties tend to bring different groups of friends together for the first time, so to help break the ice and get to know the other girls, ask them for a few of their favourite photos of them and the bride to be, along with a story about how they met. Print everything out and display them on the wall of your hotel room.

You could turn it into a challenge to guess who said what about the bride. Make sure you take lots of photos of the hens and have these printed too. After the hen party, take all the pictures and display them in a big frame and give it to the bride to be as a thoughtful gift.

Image Credits: Be Crafty Workshop with Jeff Loves Jessica Photography | Ruffled Blog |  Wedding Chicks | Conmdemerci

Lorraine Anthony

Lorraine Anthony is a marketing and event management guru by day! She loves nothing more than getting crafty and is partial to tea and cake! She is currently planning her dream wedding!

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