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Crafty Christmas Hen Party Ideas


During the Christmas period we all have so many nights out from work parties to family get togethers! If another night out on the town is something you just couldn’t face then why not host your own "Crafty Christmas Party"?

Use this time to make cute homemade Christmas decorations that your guests can take home for their Christmas tree.

Home Made Snow Globes

There is something so transfixing about a shimmering snow globe and they are a lot easier to make yourself than you’d think, and you can personalise them as you wish. Perfect for a decoration, gift, or keepsake. Almost any jar will work for this so gather up your empty jam jars and get creative. Here is a link to help you a long with a list of the materials you will need: Martha Stewart

Christmas Cookies

Baking is something most of us do a lot of during Christmas so this is another fun idea to do together or a great way to get a helping hand with your baking. They can be as simple as you wish and everyone can decorate help them (and of course bring some of the sweet treats home). 

For inspiration visit here: BBC Good Food

Mulled Wine

No festive get-together would be complete without a glass or two of mulled wine! There are hundreds of easy to follow recipes to follow online and if you don’t have time to make your own then why not buy some already made and add your own flavours and twists such as lemon, spices or a splash of your favourite tipple?

Personally I really like the idea of hosting a party like this. It gives you a chance to sit around and share memories and stories before the bride-to-be walks down the aisle and becomes a married lady. It could also be in addition to a night out as this type of get-together can be arranged with little hassle and at short notice. No one is expected to be Martha Stewart so just have a bit of fun and enjoy the company!
Ciara McKevitt

Ciara Mckevitt is an event stylist! She loves nothing more than socialising with her girlies over a cocktail and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends!

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