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Costume Hen Party Ideas


If you’re planning a big night on the town with a huge gang of your girls, it’s inevitable a few hens may go stray! Costumes and matching outfits are an easy way to keep track of everyone at your do. Not to mention they make for cute coordinated photos too! You can go all out with a full costume or dress code, or something simpler, it’s entirely up to you!

Simple and Sassy

Costumes for your hen party don’t have to be costly or time consuming. Your dress code could simply be ‘Little Black Dresses’, denim shorts, black skirts...all things your hens are likely to have at home anyway! This way your group will feel in sync and it’ll be easier to spot your fellow hens in the crowd, and nobody has to rush out in a mad search for a costume! It also allows your hens to match while still showing off their own personal style!

Costume Party

Alternatively, you could go all out with a full costume party! Who doesn’t love playing dress up now and then? You and your hens can head out in style as army chicks, angels, schoolgirls, pink ladies...whatever takes your fancy! You could try out a time period theme, dressed as flapper girls from Roaring 20s or as bombshells from the 1950s! If you want to give your hens a little more freedom to choose their own look, why not have a costume night themed around a letter? Take the first letter of the Bride’s name (we’ll say Chloe for example) and have all the hens dress as something beginning with C! Costumes allow for a little creativity and fun at your hen do, and there are hundreds of themes out there to choose from!

Customised Chicks

Another fun way to let your hens stand out is printing your own personalised t-shirts! It’s also a great souveneir of the night for everyone to keep, and t-shirts are easy and not too expensive to get printed professionally, or you can iron the design on yourself. There are loads of ideas and designs to download on Pinterest and online for quirky t-shirts you won’t get anywhere else.

Your hens will be stepping out in style with matching outfits. Why not top your themed outfits offwith a traditional bride-to-be and hen party sashes or badges? Nobody will fail to notice your that your girls are the life of the party, even in a crowd

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