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Autumn Inspired Girly Days and Getaways


Although Summer didn’t exactly consist of evenings spent sipping wine and basking in the splendid sunshine for most of us here in Ireland, there is still plenty to look forward to with Autumn right around the corner. Whether you’re aiming for a long weekend away or a day spent with your nearest and dearest, there are some great ideas to make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Hen Party Glamping

Don’t consider yourself outdoorsy? Don’t write off Glamping just yet. Coming from someone who doesn’t fare well with anything that’s not made out of brick and includes room service, Glamping is actually a lot of fun. Grab your bests, a few blankets, some food and fill the car. Autumn is a great time to try it without fear of a creepy crawly or hypothermia. If you are unsure what Glamping is, it is an upgrade on the traditional knapsack/tent pole struggle that is overly familiar to many of us. Accommodation typically comes in the form of adorable wooden pods, tipis, treehouses, gypsy wagons or yurts (that require zero construction, thankfully!) with beds or benches inside and even space to sit and have a drink. You can cook your own meals, enjoy long coastal and forest walks, cycle, shop, take part in pottery classes, craft classes, or partake in the wealth of outdoor activities that this country has to offer. There are stunning locations all over Ireland that offer this alternative experience and it is truly one that you and your hen party are likely never to forget!

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Pumpkin Picking and Decorating

As part of your glamping extravaganza, or even as a standalone hen party activity, why not grab your best friends, some wellies, a picnic basket and head to a nearby farm for a day of Pumpkin Picking? Turn it into a competition, pick the best and the worst, then bring them home to decorate and make cute videos like à la Tom from McFly. Use spares to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin bread and enjoy a feast together before the craziness of wedding planning takes over!

Hen Party Wine Tasting

Whether staying at the vineyard, picking the grapes yourself, or simply tasting the final product, wine is a great way to bring together a hen party - especially if different groups will be mixing for the first time before the wedding. Swish, smell and sample, compare notes and pick your favourites to be enjoyed at a later stage or even at the wedding itself! Swap stories about the bride-to-be and fill each other in on the latest gossip. By the time the big day rolls around everyone will be firm friends.

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Autumn Hen Party Cocktails

It is hard to beat a M.Y.O. when it comes to a hen party. Whether during a cocktail class or in your own kitchen, cocktails and mocktails alike are fun to plan and make both in terms of ingredients and presentation and not to mention, super tasty! Why not incorporate an Autumn twist with different coloured syrups, leaf-shaped decorations and nuts speared on sticks as opposed to fruit? Get experimental and see what happens. Top Tip: Toffee syrup and Apple Martini are one idea to get you ladies thinking!

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Get Crafty

Knit, sow, crochet, or whatever tickles your fancy. Get creative and learn a new skill whilst bonding with great company. It’s the perfect time to do so before Winter sets in, plus your ladies will all come away with a memento from the day. If it is indeed an Autumn wedding you could even all get a photograph in your hand-crafted finery to really remember that special time. Ireland has so many talented crafts people who would happily teach you the ins and outs of crafts to make sure you all come away with that something fabulous!

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