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9 Easy Ideas For a Hen Night at Home


Why host a hen night at home?

A hen night at home is suitable for both groups large and small and is the perfect way for all the ladies to enjoy a well-deserved catch up! As well as this, being in the comfort of your own home, the ladies will not feel the need to dress to impress, instead they can be comfy and super relaxed! Hosting a hen party at home cuts down on cost and the girls are still guaranteed an unforgettable night! Get the bubbly and nibbles out as you enjoy a hen night at home with your nearest and dearest!

To help plan the most perfect experience with your hens, below is 9 easy to create hen night ideas at home that you may opt for:

PJ Party

Get the ladies to find their best pyjamas and pair of slippers as they experience a super fun hen night at home! A PJ party means hen party movies so be sure to pick out the best chick flicks as you enjoy a super fun movie marathon! Be sure to include Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect so the ladies are in floods of tears! Provide scrumptious treats such as popcorn, bubbly and sweet treats to ensure your hen night at home is a success!

Hen Party Games

Hen party games are sure to have all the ladies giggling aloud as well as being the perfect icebreaker! Do your homework and find out the most ideal games for your hen night at home! Include a mixture of funny and sentimental hen party games including ‘Guess the Baby’ and ‘Memory Lane’ to ensure this is a night not to forget! You may also decide to include prizes to make things all the more interesting for your hen night at home!

DIY Cocktail Class

Shake things up with a super fun DIY cocktail class! From Pina Coladas to Blue Lagoons, Mojitos to Cosmopolitans, be the perfect mixologist for the hen night! Go the extra mile and find out each hen’s favourite cocktail, they are sure to be impressed! Include competitions for the best and worst cocktail with prizes at stake, this is sure to get all the ladies in the hen party spirit!

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting class is the ultimate way to kickstart the hen night celebrations at home! Include a wide range of red, white and rose wine to ensure each hen has a fair chance! You may even decide to include champagne to help make things even more interesting! Hide the bottle to ensure no cheeky hens are cheating! Be sure to include prizes so that the hens are in competition mode!


Glam the ladies up for the night with a makeover! Pair all the ladies up to test out make up on each other! It is a relaxing and therapeutic hen party activity that is sure to leave all the girls in high spirits! Why not play blindfold makeover? It is sure to have all the ladies laughing out loud and is of course the perfect photo opportunity! Prizes for best and worst, be inspired!

Dinner Party or BBQ

Just like the TV series Come Dine With Me, become the hostess with the mostest! Be sure to do your homework and find out each hen’s special requirements to ensure everyone is having a good time! With a starter, main and a dessert, the ladies are sure to receive more than they opted for! Organise a dinner party fit for a king to guarantee no hens are left going hungry! If you are blessed with good weather, you may decide to arrange a BBQ for the hen night at home! With a glass of bubbly in hand, good company and a succulent BBQ, what could possibly go wrong?

Craft Making

Release your inner DIY hen with a super fun session of craft making! Choose from a wide range of crafty activities to suit all your ladies including fascinator making, jewellery making and cross stitch to name but a few! For the daring hens, why not opt for knicker customisation? It is sure to be a bundle of laughs! Get the ladies together to create a memory book for the Bride-to-be including funny pictures and messages! It will definitely bring a tear to her eye and could be the perfect hen party keepsake!

Baking Competition

Oven gloves at the ready! Get a baking competition underway for the ladies to enjoy as they battle out to create the most perfect masterpiece! From cupcake baking to cookie baking, cake baking to a dessert of your choice, a baking competition is sure to have everyone in their element! Afterwards lounge about with your team to taste your scrumptious masterpieces with a chilled glass of bubbly to help wash down! The dirty dishes can wait!


Whether you have the voice of an angel or if you are totally tone deaf, karaoke is for everyone to enjoy and is all about a good laugh! Host a super fun hen night at home and include both blasts from the past and fresh on the chart tunes! From Spice Girls to Ellie Goulding, everyone is sure to be impressed! Karaoke is the perfect way for everyone to get together and is guaranteed to have everyone giggling!

So there you have it ladies, 9 easy to create hen night ideas at home that are sure to kickstart the celebrations in style! Be inspired and create yours today!

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