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8 Hen Party Cocktails You Must Try


It goes without saying that cocktails are an essential part of the hen party celebrations! Do your homework and find out the best hen party cocktails for you and your ladies to try out – there is something different for every type of hen! From quirky blue lagoons to classy cosmopolitans, you are sure to be stuck for choice!

Below is a list of 8 hen party cocktails to help inspire you:

Strawberry Daiquiri

For the ladies that like to keep it simple, a Strawberry Daiquiri is always a good choice! For this hen party cocktail all that is needed is fresh strawberries, strawberry garnish, sugar, rum, strawberry liqueur and lime juice – perfect for the ladies with a sweet tooth! The sweetness of the strawberries and the tangy taste of the limes is sure to leave your hens wanting more! Play it safe and opt for a Strawberry Daiquiri!


A Martini is ideal for an elegant lady who loves nothing more than keeping it classy! A simple yet effective hen party cocktail with only gin and vermouth! You may decide to add an olive or a lemon twist to help give it that extra kick! A Martini has been renowned as one of the best cocktails with its dry and unique taste!

Pina Colada

A Pina Colada is a sweet cocktail which is perfect for a beach party hen party –it is a real holiday treat! This hen party cocktail is made with rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, and can be served either blended or shaken with ice! Add a pineapple wedge or a cherry to help tingle the taste buds further!

Long Island Iced Tea

A Long Island Iced Tea is a popular hen party cocktail for the ladies that are fit for it! This cocktail has made its debut a number of times on the Box Office hit ‘Sex and The City’ so it is perfect for all the glamorous ladies! A Long Island Iced Tea is usually made with vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, gin and cola! No, there is no tea involved but it sure does taste like it!

Old Fashioned

The type of ladies this hen party cocktail is for is in the name! That’s right, old fashioned! Being a classic 1960’s drink, it will make you feel like you are in a James Bond movie or at a Breakfast at Tiffany’s house party! This cocktail is typically made with sugar, and bitters, followed by whiskey or brandy! It is usually served in a tumbler-like glass, also known as the Old Fashioned glass, which is sure to look super stylish at the hen party celebrations!

Baileys Espresso Martini

Baileys Espresso Martini is for the chocolate lovers! Treat yourself to a Baileys cocktail special, it sure does look super tempting! This mouth-watering cocktail is made with Bailey’s Espresso Crème Liqueur, vodka and espresso! It is then shaken and strained into a martini glass – what’s not to love?

White Russian

A White Russian is a very sophisticated drink so it is suitable for all your classy hens! Your ladies will be glad to hear it is an easy-drinking cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream which is then poured into an Old Fashioned glass! For the caffeine lovers, this is right up your street!


The Mojito is a real crowd pleaser and an old-time classic, especially for the ladies that love the finer things in life! Traditionally, a Mojito consists of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint! However, to shakes things up, you may decide to opt for a different type of Mojito other than the classic including Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit or Blueberry – take your pick ladies!

So there you have it ladies, 8 hen party cocktails that you must try out to help get the celebrations underway! Be inspired and choose your hen party cocktail today!

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